Smart Class

To help break the monotony of the traditional 'chalk-and-talk method' and promote interactive teaching, Vikash has installed Digital Smart Boards in its classrooms. The teachers use this latest technology and simplify the lessons taught for better retention.

Language Lab

To improve oral and written communication skills, the school has established Modern English Language Laboratory. The course helps the learners speak English with correct pronunciation with the help of user-friendly technology.


Vikash Knowledge Hub has a multi-purpose indoor sports complex close to its hostel wing that has all the facilities for the students to practice badminton, table tennis and gymnastics.


The school operates a fleet of buses to transport Day Boarders from various parts of the city, ensuring convenient and safe transportation for students. Each bus is equipped with an attendant and communication devices for constant contact with the school. Ushers guide students to their classrooms upon arrival. The school prioritizes security with elaborate measures to safeguard every child within the premises.

Swimming Pool

Apart from a specially designed toddler pool, the CBSE School at Sambalpur hosts a well designed Swimming Pool with an automatic filtering plant. It is setting up swimming pools in other branches too for students to obtain training right from their early age in this life saving discipline. Well-trained staff not only trains the students in the finer arts of swimming, but also is present with them always during their specified training periods.


For health freaks the campus has a multipurpose gymnasium with multi-station workout facilities, treadmill and so on.


Vikash institutions emphasize the enduring value of books for knowledge. The school encourages a love for reading from an early age, maintaining a diverse collection in its Library-Media center. Weekly classes focus on activities like book reading, play-acting, and storytelling. Students are motivated to spend leisure time in the library, fostering curiosity for various subjects.


Vikash Group embraces Information and Communication Technology (ICT), providing modern labs with the latest hardware and software. The computer education program exceeds CBSE standards, including filtered internet browsing for project-related information. The exclusive Student Information System (SIS) keeps parents informed about their child's progress and facilitates online interaction with teachers.

Parent Orientation

Vikash works in partnership with the parent community. Periodic parent-teacher meetings are conducted to help them understand the curriculum and teaching methodology adopted by the school.